Dear friends –

Last Sunday was a great start! Many of you were able to make it. A few were not, and we tried to record the meeting for you but failed, for which I apologize. Despite a few technical issues and the inherent limitations of “virtual fellowship”, it was, overall, a really good beginning to this new work. Thank you all for your patience and enthusiasm!

We will meet again online this coming Sunday, April 5th. It is the anniversary of Palm Sunday, the day our Lord entered Jerusalem to experience His final week, leading up to His execution and resurrection. Here is a link for our joining the meeting.

If you had trouble connecting last week, please email me in the next day or two so we can work on the problem. Getting Zoom set-up make take a little effort, but it sure gives you a great way to connect with others, not just in church services, but with your friends and family too. We can all be grateful for the gift God gave us in these various computer technologies that are perfectly suited for maintaining relationships in a world of social distancing!

Last Sunday, I mentioned an article by Henri Nouwen entitled: “Moving from Solitude to Community to Ministry”. It’s superb and well worth your time to read. And it is a good explanation for the pattern of life we are seeking to live at Holy Trinity. Here is a link to the article, which originally appeared in Leadership Magazine.

This Sunday, I’ll revisit the theme of solitude. Why should we want to spend time with God? How do we do it? On what basis are we even qualified to commune with God? These are some of the questions we will explore together this week and in the following weeks. In preparation for our meeting, I’d love for you to watch a 6 ½ minute video that is probably the best, short explanation I’ve heard on what it looks like, practically, to meet with God. Here is the link.

Some of you asked about how to give to the church. There are two options currently: 1) You can use our online giving app at either by credit card through directly through your bank account (please note: this option does entail a transaction fee), or 2) You can send a check to Holy Trinity Church at 95 Kendal Ct., Chico, CA 95973.

I look forward to seeing you this Sunday. A quick reminder: bring your bible as well as bread and a cup of wine/grape juice, as we will celebrate Holy Communion together online.

Until Palm Sunday –

Pastor Tom Mount

Link to join Zoom meeting at 4pm Sunday, April 5th:

Click Here to Download Notes from this Meeting