Dear friends of Holy Trinity Chico –

Blessings to you this ninth week of the Trinity Season! I pray we all are hearing the voice of the Spirit in us yelling “Abba, Father” in worship and love as the fruit of the Spirit’s “sealing” of us in Christ (Rom 8:15). The Spirit’s sealing work is just one more blessing Paul recounts in his extended blessing of Eph 1:13-14, as we saw last Sunday. To listen to the service, you can watch the recording here. The message, outline and notes are found here.

This Sunday, we will examine verses 15-16, in which Paul recounts his prayer for the Ephesian believers. It’s loaded with encouragement for us. This Sunday we will consider the first part, which focuses on what it means to really know God personally. For you note takers, be sure to check our website before the service to download an outline of the message. To join our 4pm service this Sunday, click here or on our website. As always, check into the Zoom chat room a little early to say your “Hellos” and get settled. Remember to bring your bible, the sermon outline, bread and wine/grape juice for Holy Communion.

Tonight our midweek community group meets online from 7 to 8pm, and we’d love to have you join us as we fellowship, pray and study chapter five of the Gospel of John. Here is the link to the meeting.

For those who want to memorize Ephesians 1:3-14, you can find a copy of the passage here. Another version (NIV), in a smaller format, comes to us with the help of Danielle Penne and can be found here.

On Sunday, I mentioned a map of the world, showing the various places where the Alliance (our tribe of churches) has ministered just over the last few months. It’s great to see that even a small church like us, united with other like-minded churches, can have a global impact! You can access the map here.

For those of you mailing in checks to the church, please send them to: Holy Trinity Church, 1394 Huggins Ave., Chico, CA 95926. You can also give online by using our website. On behalf of the Leadership Team: thank you all for your generosity!

In the Father’s great love –