Dear friends of Holy Trinity Chico –

Greetings in the name of Jesus this tenth week of the Trinity Season! I pray you are experiencing God’s wisdom and revelation, imparted by His Spirit, as you continue to pursue “the knowledge of Him”, as we discussed last Sunday while examining Eph 1:15-17. To listen to the service, you can watch the recording here. The message, outline and notes are found here.

This Sunday, we will examine this prayer the Paul prays for the Ephesian believers. For you note takers, be sure to check our website before the service to download an outline of the message. To join our 4pm service this Sunday, click here or on our website. As always, check into the Zoom chat room a little early to say your “Hellos” and get settled. Remember to bring your bible, the sermon outline, bread and wine/grape juice for Holy Communion.

Just a reminder that our community group will not meeting this Tuesday night, as Lynn and I will be at Lake Almanor. We will meet again next Tuesday night as usual, and continue our study of the Gospel of John.

Let’s continue to pray for each other! A number of us are dealing with significant health issues, with the grief of losing a loved one and/or with loneliness and discouragement during this time of restricted social interaction. Our Lord is gracious and good, and He delights to answer our prayers.

Serving Him with you –