Dear friends of Holy Trinity Chico –

During this third week of Advent, I pray you are well and keeping your eyes on Jesus, the reason for the season. On Sunday, Craig shared with us the story of the shepherds, who got to see Jesus just after his birth, then tell others what they’d seen. We, too, have the honor of telling others the incomprehensibly great news of God’s salvation in Jesus! If you haven’t yet seen Sunday’s service, you can watch it here, and you can access the notes here.

A friend sent me this link to a short but very encouraging video of a former bank robber, John Ponder, who met Christ in prison, then started a ministry to other prisoners. The day after his release, the FBI agent who put him in prison, Richard Beasley, visited his house to tell him he had been praying for him. It’s an uplifting story told by President Trump, who gives glory to Jesus Christ in an unambiguous way. Here’s the link.

This Sunday, we complete our Advent series by looking at the story of the magi who came to worship Christ as a child. You can read ahead in Matthew 2 to prepare. Note the reactions of Herod and the religious leaders in contrast to these Gentile astrologers. Just a reminder that we are, while our region is in “lock down”, keeping our masks on during the services out of love for others. The rest of our COVID safety precautions are given at the bottom of this email.

If you are unable to attend our in-person Sunday services, please tune in at 9am using the Zoom link here. The passcode is: 0404. We will also record the service each week, so you can watch the recording later in the day or week. Email me and let me know if you want access to it, and Greg or I will send you the link after the service. It will also be posted on our website during next week.

Please continue to pray for those in our body who face health issues, losses, financial difficulties and other challenges. God answers our prayers. And please continue to pray for our country during this tumultuous post-election season. Let’s ask the Lord bring “everything hidden in secret” to light, expose all wrongdoing, silence all lies, restore our faith in the election process, and put in office all whom he wants to be there.

God’s grace be on you –



COVID safety precautions:

  • If you’re experiencing any COVID symptoms, please stay home and safe.
  • We provide leis available near the door for those who need to keep their distance from others.
  • We will have an area on the south side of the room set aside for those needing some extra space.
  • Please bring your mask and wear it when in close proximity others, including entering and exiting the building. We will also have extra masks available at the door.
  • Chairs will be socially spaced, and are movable to accommodate any kind of family arrangement

Wipes and sprays are available for surface cleanings throughout the building