Dear friends of Holy Trinity Chico –

Christmas blessings to you as we approach the new year and the celebration of Epiphany! Last Sunday, we looked at John 1:14: the miracle of the incarnation as “the Word became flesh and lived among us”. It’s simply astonishing that God would join himself to humanity in Christ in order to redeem us. If you haven’t yet seen Sunday’s service, you can watch it here, and you can access the slides and notes here.

This Sunday we will prepare for Epiphany: God’s revelation of himself to the Gentiles. The magi or wisemen were the first non-Jews to worship Jesus, and they exemplify God’s grace in revealing himself to all people, not just those with whom he made a covenant in the Old Testament. We have a special Epiphany tradition that we will introduce you and your family to!

If you are unable to attend our in-person Sunday services, please tune in at 9am using this Zoom link:

The passcode is: 0404. We will also record the service each week, so you can watch the recording after it is posted later in the week, typically Tuesday or Wednesday.

Our community group meets next Tuesday, January 5, from 7-8pm. All are invited! We meet on Zoom for prayer, fellowship and bible study. The link for the Zoom meeting is:

Thank you for praying for those in our body who face health issues, losses, financial difficulties and other challenges. They and I appreciate it immensely!

In Christ’s love –



COVID safety precautions:

  • If you’re experiencing any COVID symptoms, please stay home and safe.
  • We provide leis available near the door for those who need to keep their distance from others.
  • We will have an area on the south side of the room set aside for those needing some extra space.
  • Please bring your mask and wear it when in close proximity others, including entering and exiting the building. We will also have extra masks available at the door.
  • Chairs will be socially spaced, and are movable to accommodate any kind of family arrangement
  • Wipes and sprays are available for surface cleanings throughout the building