Dear friends of Holy Trinity Chico –

I’ve never been so proud of our young church as I have been these last three days as you have responded to the news of Diane’s death with such tenderness, love and active compassion. Thank you! This is what it means to be the body of Christ: not flashy services, big programs, large buildings or other signs of “success” but bearing each other’s burdens, and thereby fulfilling “the law of Christ” to love as God has loved us (Gal 6:2; John 13:35). By choosing not to “do life as normal” while others suffer but, instead, suffer with them, we replicate—in the smallest of ways—what our Lord did by becoming one of us and subjecting Himself to the same kinds of pain we experience.

If you would like to provide a meal for the Ruby family sometime during the month of June, please sign up on the Meal Train site here.

Tonight our midweek community group meets from 7 to 8pm, and we would love for you to join us on Zoom. Here is the link.  I want to look at some scriptures together that help provide perspective and hope as we walk through difficult times.

This Sunday is Pentecost, and we will return to our worship service at 4pm online on Zoom. To join the meeting, click here or on our website. As always, check into the Zoom chat room a little early to get settled. Remember to bring your bible, bread and wine/grape juice for Holy Communion.

You may know that Governor Newsom announced yesterday that churches could begin meeting again in person by adhering to a number of guidelines outlined by the CDC and state, including social distancing. I am looking into these guidelines to form a plan with the Leadership Team for beginning our in person services sometime in the near future. Today I talked with Chief O’Brien of the Chico PD and with other pastors about reopening requirements. Thursday I meet with Rich Taylor, the pastor of Chico Bible Fellowship, whose building we had been planning to use. We won’t rush into things but will make sure we take all prudent steps to insure everyone’s safety.

Yours in Christ’s vast love –