Dear friends of Holy Trinity Chico –

I hope you had a very merry Christmas filled with celebration and joy!

Many of you were able to attend our first ever Christmas eve family service last Friday. What a rich, worshipful time it was! Thank you to all our kids and parents, who made it possible! A special thanks to Jill Lundberg, Catherine Jarvis, Ryan Rogers and Craig Anderson, who accompanied the worship; Rosie Rogers who led in interpretive dance; Dale Penne, Greg Wietbrock, Miguel and Hannah Bishop who worked on the technical end, and Tamie Beach, who created and directed the whole service. You guys blessed us immensely and, more importantly, blessed the Lord through your hard work and reverent hearts! Miguel edited the and posted the service online here, for those who weren’t able to attend or who would like to experience it again.

Last Sunday, Craig treated us to a rich spiritual feast centered on the names and mission of Jesus through the lens of the gospel writer Matthew. Craig pointed out that Jesus is the Anointed One or Christ, the coming King of Israel, the Savior, God with us. He delivers us from sin and makes oneness with God possible. We are sorry to say that we don’t have a recording for last Sunday, but we do have the notes and PowerPoint here. Although I was away last weekend celebrating Christmas with Lynn and her mom, I was blessed today when I read the notes and looked at the slides. I always learn a bunch from Craig and am so grateful he and Sharon use their gifts to bless us at Holy Trinity.

This Sunday, the second Sunday of Christmastide and the first Sunday of the new year, Tom will guide us in looking back at 2021 and looking ahead to 2022, focusing on three key areas: our current cultural climate, our Church scene and our personal journeys.If you are unable to attend the service in person, please tune in at 9am using this Zoom link.

The passcode is: 0404. We will also record the service, so you can watch the recording after it is posted the following week.

If you are looking for a bible study where you can connect relationally and grow spiritually, we’d love to have you join us on Tuesday nights from 7-8pm at the church building. We pray, fellowship and study John’s Gospel. We also have Zoom setup for those unable to meet in person. Please use the following link:

Danielle Penne is starting a women’s bible study next Monday, January 3, and continuing for seven weeks (skipping Feb 14) until Feb 21. The study will be on Gideon’s courageous stand against a stronger enemy. Priscilla Shirer does the teaching via DVD. Runs 6:45 to 8:15. Sign up on the table in the lobby. For a one-minute teaser, click here.

Has God been prompting you to pray more for our nation, state, city and His church? If so, come join us each Friday at the church building from 12-1pm. We are asking the Lord to expose evil, frustrate the plans of bad actors, raise up his church is strong, vocal faith and restore righteousness, integrity and love in our land.

Thanks so much for your continued prayers for those in our body who face health issues, losses, financial difficulties and other challenges. One of the great privileges we have is to hold each other up in prayer. Please be in prayer particularly for David Calkins (hip pain), Larry Ruby (recent heart procedure), Greg Pietz (recovery from hip surgery), Danielle Penne (healing for her leg), Sharon Anderson (long COVID), Keri Oliva (cancer), Kaylinn Hignell (cancer), Laine Dahlberg (premature baby), Lorrain Freeman (medical issues), Nola Taylor (hospice care), Barbara Trimmer (medical issues) and James Johnson (cancer). Thank you!

Wise men (and women) still seek him –