Dear friends of Holy Trinity Chico –

Well, last Sunday was a very special time as we celebrated the beginning of Holy Week, the one-year anniversary of Holy Trinity Chico and the lavish gift of a building to us by Chico Bible Fellowship! We are so grateful to the Lord for who he is and the goodness he continues to show us in countless ways. For those of you who missed last Sunday’s, you can access the outline and slides here.

There is only one way to top a Sunday like last Sunday: Easter! This week we have the privilege of marveling together at the incomprehensible love of God dramatized in the unfolding of events during Holy Week: our Lord’s suffering, death, descent to the dead and resurrection. Only God could orchestrate such a complex salvation in so seemless a way.

I hope you can join us this Sunday. If you are unable to attend the service in person, please tune in at 9am using this Zoom link:

The passcode is: 0404. We will also record the service, so you can watch the recording after it is posted next Tuesday or Wednesday.

Following the service this week, we will quickly pick up after ourselves (in deference to our hosts, Chico Bible Fellowship), then move out to the lawn for a bit of Easter fellowship with an egg hunt for the little ones and donuts and coffee for the adults.

Some of you heard I got to spend a restful night at the beautiful Enloe resort Monday night, being tended to by the kind hosts there. A kidney stone was trying to make its way to the light, unfazed by the fact that its chances of success were about the same as a basketball squeezing down a bathtub drain. Today around 1pm, the doctor will blast it with sound waves in an attempt to break it into small pieces that can more easily accommodate the plumbing. I’d be grateful for your prayers!

Just a quick reminder: if you haven’t yet signed up to help with our adorable kids in children’s church, would you please consider it? You need no special training. Lynn does all the hard work, but we need other loving adults to make sure our children are well cared for. You can sign up on the calendar on our website or by using this link. If each of us served just once every other month, we would have all the help we need. Thanks so much for considering this!

Thank you for your continued prayers for those in our body who face health issues, losses, financial difficulties and other challenges. Our Father hears every prayer and loves to answer them for the good of his people and the glory of his Son, Jesus.

With special joy this Easter season –




COVID safety precautions:

  • If you’re experiencing any COVID symptoms, please stay home and safe.
  • We provide leis available near the door for those who need to keep their distance from others.
  • We will have an area on the south side of the room set aside for those needing some extra space.
  • Please bring your mask and wear it when in close proximity others, including entering and exiting the building. We will also have extra masks available at the door.
  • Chairs will be socially spaced, and are movable to accommodate any kind of family arrangement
  • Wipes and sprays are available for surface cleanings throughout the building