Dear friends of Holy Trinity Chico –

Blessings in the name of the Ascended One! Ascension Day is upon us, and my hope for you is that you enjoy rich and unimpeded fellowship with the Lord as we celebrate his return to heaven.

Last Sunday, we looked at what the New Testament teaches us about the “two hells” spoken of in the New Testament: sheol/hades, the intermediate hell; and the Lake of Fire, or the final hell. Few subjects are more sobering to contemplate than the awful reality of an eternity separated from the One who is life and light and love. If you missed the service, you can view the recording with this link.

This Sunday—the seventh and final Sunday of Eastertide—we will consider why Christ’s ascension was so essential for our salvation. For those unable to attend in person, be sure to tune in to our livestream at 9am Sunday morning at the following YouTube link: As you know, we will also record the service, so you can watch the recording after it is posted next week.

If you are looking for a bible study where you can connect relationally and grow spiritually, we’d love to have you join us on Tuesday nights as we study the book of Romans. We meet 7-8pm at the church building for prayer, fellowship and bible study.  We also have Zoom setup for those unable to meet in person. Please use the following link

Has God been prompting you to pray more for our nation, state, city and His church? If so, come join us each Friday at the church building from 12-1pm. We are asking the Lord to expose evil, frustrate the plans of bad actors, raise up his church is strong, vocal faith and restore righteousness, integrity and love in our land.

Thanks so much for your continued prayers for those in our body who face health issues, losses, financial difficulties and other challenges. One of the great privileges we have is to hold each other up in prayer. Please be in prayer particularly for Danielle Penne (constant pain and upcoming surgery), Lynne Waite (severe back pain), Emmett and Pat Jarvis (Louis’ dad [stage 4 cancer] and mom [dementia]), Phil Larios (medical issue and death of brother), Tom Vervoorn (medical issue), Jackie Musselman (recovery from knee surgery), James Johnson (cancer), Kaylinn Hignell (cancer), Nola Taylor (hospice care) and Barbara Trimmer (medical issues). Please pray also for an end to the bloodshed in Ukraine and comfort for the families who lost loved ones in the recent shooting in Texas. Thank you!

He is risen and ascended –