Dear friends of Holy Trinity Chico –

Blessings to you this ninth week following Pentecost. We live daily with the knowledge that—with the giving of God’s Spirit—something fundamentally changed in the calculus of the universe. We are “God imagers” made righteous in Christ, filled with his breath and empowered to live lives of goodness, authority and love.

Last Sunday, Craig unpacked for us the teaching of Ephesians 5:21-33 regarding the way the “mutual submission principle” (5:21) works in the marriage relationship, as both husband and wife serve one another in love, following the example of Christ. It was an excellent teaching on an often misunderstood topic. For those of you who missed last Sunday, you can find the sermon outline and slides here and the recording here.

This Sunday, we will explore how the “mutual submission principle” gets expressed in two other relational pairings: that of children and parents as well as slaves and masters (Eph 5:18, 21 and 6:1-9). It’s hard to overemphasize how central this teaching was to the ethics of the New Testament, beginning with Jesus and followed by Paul.  If you are unable to attend the service in person, please tune in at 9am using this Zoom link.

The passcode is: 0404. We will also record the service, so you can watch the recording after it is posted the following week.

This week, be sure to stay for a few minutes after the service to enjoy some coffee, snacks and fellowship. If it’s too warm outside, we will bring the coffee and snacks inside for our fellowship time. It’s a great chance to make new friends and keep current on old relationships.

If you are looking for a smaller group where you can connect and grow, you are welcome to join us on Tuesday nights from 7-8pm at the church building, where Tom leads a small group that meets for prayer, fellowship and bible study. We are currently in John 13. We also have Zoom setup for those unable to meet in person. Please use the following link:

We have a prayer group that meets on Fridays at noon to pray for our nation, state, city and church and would love for you to join us! We are asking the Lord to expose evil, frustrate the plans of bad actors, raise up his church is strong, vocal faith and restore righteousness, integrity and love in our land. Join us at the church building from 12-1pm. All are welcome.

Finally, we would love to have your help in Kid’s Church when you are able. No special skills are needed: just a love for our kids. You can sign up by letting Lynn know or by using the calendar on our website. Here’s the link.

Thanks so much for your prayers for those in our body who face health issues, losses, financial difficulties and other challenges. Please be in prayer particularly for Don Rogers (West Nile Virus), Will and Karen Bishop (COVID), Keri Hignell (Cancer), Jamie Dahlberg (Premature contractions), Nola Taylor (Medical issues), Barbara Trimmer (Medical issues), James Johnson (Cancer), Lynne Waite (relocation), Marcus Rutledge and Bronwyn Allen (upcoming wedding), Bennett Jossiason and Tilly Mount (upcoming wedding) and all the fire fighters and residents affected by the Dixie and River fires.

May you experience the Father’s deep peace and joy today –