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Our Beliefs

At Holy Trinity Chico, we are learning together to walk more deeply, humbly and simply in the way of Jesus.

While we come from different walks of life, we have all had our hearts captivated by the astonishing beauty and wonder of God—Father, Son and Spirit—and have been deeply changed by His grace.

We’re still flawed, of course, and always will be in this life. But we see encouraging signs of God’s work in and among us daily, and we help each other in our formation in Christ.

Our deepest desire is to love Him with the whole of our beings, love others authentically, even sacrificially, be led by His Spirit, live true to who we are in Christ, and enjoy the sheer goodness of His creation.

There is still a ton of stuff we don’t have figured out, and we’re okay with that. But if you like what you’ve read so far and want to check us out, we’d love for you to be our guest at any upcoming worship service that works for you. And if you decide to join us on this journey, we would be honored.